How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

Publicerades den 21 mar 2018
How to buy a used car for $300. I show you where to find inexpensive used cars that need work so you can fix them up and have a reliable car. I also show you test driving the car, negotiating with the owner, and go over what needs to be fixed! This is how to inspect a used car for purchase!
Replacing the Head Gasket:
AutoTempest Used Car Search:
Quick Jack Lift:
Used car checklist:
Inexpensive Aluminum Radiator:
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  • I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

  • 10:58 bruh i lowkey thought jinson was about to get run over :0

  • I can’t remember how I came across your video’s. But I have to tell you your videos are entertaining and educational.

  • Honestly Chris you motivated me to get that $$$$ made a 10000 profit in summer season buying an selling cars

  • $300 with $1300 broker fees

  • Do you have any websites for aussies

  • That transition 🙄

  • I love the spanish pronutation hahaha Hi from México!

  • I have a lawn mower to work on and practice

  • Cant get nothing for less than $2800 right now. It is crazy.

  • In his mind he thinking "its Chris"

  • Lets kept up with the 3's. The video been on yt for 3years

  • I live in sweden so the problem for me who is underage isn't buying the car but to keep it because of tax, insurance and other stuff. I'd love to get a project car and fix it up so that when I turn 18 I have a fully functional car that I fixed with my hands. But it ain't possible.

  • 11:00 for a sec i thought a car spun out or smthn and hit that dude

  • in turkey you have to spend the money you spend to the supercars to buy shitboxes.. i hate my countrys that side.

  • isnt this dude that made the piggy potion thing at 3AM ?

  • Hi guys I’m a young dude that loves Honda’s I have a civic ek I blew a hole in my block I live in Dallas Texas I lost my job due to COVID and I don’t have tools or money to get my car fix I have most parts I need to get it back running but don’t have much time due to working everyday and catching up on bills that got piled up ......plz I could use some help with someone helping me swap the block and put new pistons

  • You low balled him lol. Just for that, I wouldn’t have let you leave with it for anything less than $600.

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  • I saw a car online near my area for 50€, is that a good sign?

  • I like how Chris is like the only person to respond to his comments

  • I want a car to work on thought I’m not old enough to drive, but the concept befuddles my parents

  • I’ve have owned nothing but Honda’s since I got my license and it doesn’t get any better than that for the cash. Cheap and easy!! Holy Cow where did you find those jacks? I need jacks like that to do my front end and clutch! Lol!

  • It needs struts, the factory honda struts are sub par.

  • The Chris fix tag was on the car when you arrived, suspicious 😳

  • Now half the comments are just attempting to get Chris to like their comments lol

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  • Feel like the kid needed the money more than to be bargained for 😭

  • Paint it and swap the motor

  • Hey chris whats good

  • Im 7 years old but your videos are great

  • Bro I swear I don’t have a car just yet but ima be using a lot of his videos to for when I get one favorite SElists right here

  • 🔥🔥🧰🛠⚒️🪛

  • Why is there a chrisfix license plate? Faked

  • Ahhh I hate when my suspension is loosey goosey

  • im saving up for my 500 dollar drivers license (thats how much a normal lincense costs in czech republic) and i am looking at 800 dollar Corolla E110 G6 EU Spec hatchback, i found 3 awesome ones but my parents are like NO, 20 Y.O. CARS ARE UNSAFE THESE DAYS, YOU ARE GONNA GET USED TOYOTA CHR (about 15K dollars) but when i'll go to school with it, everyone would think im a spoiled brat that cried to get that car, and i dont want to look like that

    • @Defanserb i would like to, but they would kill me, my dad gets mad easily and my mom is always furious

    • @JustRobertCZE To be real with you, accept the CH-R. When you are away from parents go ahead and try to sell it

    • @Defanserb but 2005-2010 does look good OR are too way out of my budget

    • Get a car between 2005-2010. Although if your parents insist take the offer

  • This was epic

  • Chris after seeing how many vids he can make with this car: HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEEEEY (let’s go) HERE COMES THE MONEY; MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MO-


  • I can drive but I don't have a car to drive

  • Wait this is 3 years old... Damn time flew during covid

  • this is test does chrisfix read comments after 2 years? Edit: also if you do when are you gonna install the turbo kit or turbocharger?

    • @ChrisFix Good!

    • Of course I do! And one way or another that will be getting installed soon! Stay tuned!

  • 11:00 I thought he got hit by a car 😂

  • question how to load a car that doesn't run onto a tow dolly

  • i don’t have a car lol

  • This dealer was very good.

  • i wish you teet the engine out

  • Why does the title says: Kā Nopirkt Izmantotu Mašīnu ar $300 (Testi un Braucieni)????

  • Honda The Power Of Dreams

  • Hii Chris I’m 12 years old and I want to save up early any tips?

    • Find free bikes and fix them up with anything you have home. Basically, flip things and make a profit. You can also do yard work around your neighborhood. not chris but I am 12 and I do this as well

  • The part about the title is 100% true my mom got my first car as a sort of surprise for 1,700 with a blown headgasket and the crackhead that owned it before had a bad title and it took about a year to get it in my name had to drive with farm tags 😆

  • Im guessing rn its a honda

  • water or wooder 😂

  • I bet the guy wouldn't agree with 300 but hey starring on chrisfix channel? SOLD!

    • He got tired of getting a ton of offers at $100 (and a few even less) and was about to unlist it, and I can promise the car really is a $300 car :p

  • Hey Chris I’m 16 what cars do you recommend I get for my first?

    • @BIG MAC Not for firsts. For starters, I suggest getting a sedan, maybe a Honda or Toyota. if you want go for chevy. Just keep your year over 2005 because they are the safest. Hope this helps.

    • What about truck

    • Honda

    • Toyota Corolla or Camry.

  • Hey Chris would you happen to know how to tell if the second gas tank in my 1979 Chevy Scottsdale works

    • Yes I think so

    • Is there a switch you can use to only get gas from the second tank?

  • I wish I knew about this channel before I bought my first car ;-;

  • Dose he comment after 3 years?

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  • Chris I love you bro

  • I would guess a Datsun I can't really remember the other car that looked like it but yeah it really does look like a Datsun or that other model

  • Awesome toy, that great

  • What does it mean by it needs TLC

    • @Dylan Sterling ahh thanks man I was wondering for the longest

    • I needs tender love and care.

  • I need someone to show me where these cars are still going under 3000

  • Motor swap vid would be sick

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  • I can buy that car. Reply if it actually is $300.And I am 8 years old.

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  • Make this A Drag Car!

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  • For a second I thought the seller got hit by a car during that transition @ 11:00 lol

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