How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing

Publicerades den 16 jul 2021
Saied Hussain has been hand making tiles out of cement for over 50 years. He says he’s one of the last still doing this work in Egypt - most other workshops couldn't withstand competition from marble and ceramic tiles. We went to Cairo to see how his business is still standing.

Saied does not have a website. He sells his tiles locally in Cairo.

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How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing


  • خبره وفن واتقان وجمال .. تسلم ايديك قطع لا تقدر بثمن

  • I literally thought it was toothpaste

  • Fantastic!


  • He can charge more tho just for the handmade novelty

  • I will stick to modern tiles. Thank you 😊

  • My manufacturing unit in India,

  • Керемет

  • The process is similar to Aatukudi tiles in South India.

  • His humble nature makes him so much more endearing - I wish his wish to come true

  • I want to learn this!! It looks so interesting !

  • Those are beautiful! I am thankful for people like Siad keeping crafts alive🙌

  • 👍

  • Free apprenticeships? What a legend

  • This is super super interesting. It almost looks like he is pouring toothpaste into the molds lol.

  • State media setting us up for fall lockdown. So vaccine is or isn't effective

  • Egypt🇪🇬 came from Baltic. Latvia🇱🇻 as their ancestor 🤔 Egypt🇪🇬 original Centre Europe🇪🇺

  • “Then he sends it to the hydraulic press” *chapter 5 flashback* ‘Kokichi’ I know too much Danganronpa

  • Is this where all my toothpaste is going???

  • Awesome AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL ART 💜🧡💙💝

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  • Old is gold

  • 1:25 Next on my strange addictions, man loves to eat coloured cement

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  • These are so beautiful

  • Cool

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  • a 3.2 ft x 3.2 ft square for 31 dollars? that's painfully undervalued for such a labor-intensive artisan product.

  • Bro it blew up, wow

  • I used to live near the Moravian Tile works in Bucks County, Doylestown PA In the United States. it is another ancient process kept alive by the small artisan groups. The tile colors here are rich and likely wear well for lifetimes. Thank you for documenting this. The handmade qualities, or honest imperfections are what sell the product.

  • This is fantastic

  • Rename this video, how one man, of 2 in his team of workers in a 200 year old craft thousands do, is keeping it alive.

  • 👍🏻

  • Qué lindo esa tecnica q enseñarles a nuestros hijos patá q no muera

  • This is exquisite! Where could I buy these tiles?

  • I love this.

  • Beautiful tiles! May the ancient arts passed on

  • Video producers find the nearby Instagram barber shop guy to pretend to be the next generation tile making kid. (sorry am I allowed to joke about this or is it culture-specific)

  • I thought this is a candy

  • Who said this is dieing, the method will be followed by machines to make it more fast but yeah machines can only repeat the method can't create a new 😢

  • у нас в городе в старых домах есть такая плитка

  • Everytime I see a short documentary like this I really want to go and travel there ♥️♥️

  • Come on McJournalists. Came here for the artistry and only get a sad tale about unsustainable business practices and stubborn one trick ponies. The only actual tile we get to see is the messed simple example his intern made! :sigh:

  • in south india, tamilnadu state, karaikudi peoples we use the same heritage method...

  • I hope someone can save it or I will learn it!

  • He earns less but leading a great dignified life.Regards 🙏

  • Very interesting. 👍. 🙏. ✌️. 💜 very nice

  • Athangudi tiles in Tamilnadu is similar to this process.

  • Impeccable craftsmenship. Good for him to keep these traditions alive

  • Why is this making me hungry

  • Forbidden mint candy

  • It almost looks like tooth paste

  • البلاط المصري أفخم من أي سيراميك تحيا مصر يعم الحج

  • Whats his address and store name?

  • Anddd his peaceful life is now ruined. Probably getting hundreds of calls from patrons but also scammers. Thanks YT

  • Hope government or department of tourism help him.I think it can attract tourist.

  • A true artist. Kind regards Trev 🇬🇧

  • Saied means he is from Banu Hashim tribe

  • Apa itu gaes yang di buat

  • How many crafts have long gone as its to hard and to time consuming.. And now we buy mass produced junk from China 🇨🇳 and many think it's unique to them... Oh how we have become so budget conscience but want top end products Quality takes time and 💵

  • Pov: tradition shouldn't be continued if it's inefficient.

  • Encaustic tiles are still TREMENDOUSLY popular. He just needs the right clientele.

  • Will you look at these colours. Whrn I redo my bathroom I wonder if he could do he titles.

  • Amazing.

  • This is wonderful ❤

  • I would love to learn this too!!

  • Is there a link to buy them?

  • Beautiful work!! I hope he is passing this on to a younger generation! It would be horrible if it gets lost!

  • A truer artist right there!! He said he loves color and I get that 100% if you didn't you wouldn't be able to mix colors! Wow he is AMAZING!!!

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  • At first I thought they were tide pods

  • I'd love to buy a couple of his tiles.

  • Make me feel bad. Someone should help him to keep his work alive

  • That isn't a man that's a god damn king

  • he should get himself online, he will sell them at premium prices for sure.

  • 중국체전자모기향

  • I would like my bathroom done this way

  • It's heartwarming to see how much love he has for his craft. You can see the pride in his face. Hopefully this tradition can continue for many years to come.

  • He should be supported.

  • Beautiful work Saied. It's a shame that millenials are too narcissistic to listen and learn from the older generations. A wealth of knowledge and information will be lost if they don't acknowledge this. Such a beautiful skill you have Saied.😍

  • Are they imported to the USA?

  • This is a well established European craft ( Encaustic Tiles). There are a number of German , Portuguese and Spanish producers who make custom as well as flawless reproductions for new and restoration projects..

  • They are all beautiful!

  • They are so beautiful... his hands must have gone hard , he is not using any gloves , he is very hard working

  • مبدع بس لو يلبس كفوف لانه الاسمنت بيضر جلده. حرام

  • Functional, beautiful, bespoke. The saddest thing is that this art is dying, but it's being replaced by materials that have no character, no history, no sentiment, and less beauty and style. And if my napkin figures from Home Depot are right, they aren't much cheaper, either. I am so tired of drywall.

  • how much does he take does he ship to eu ? oh sry asked befor they said it, so sad that he only can ship in Egypt 31 $ is a steal would like to fly there for one custom tile that I can hang up on my wall

  • 500 pounds! I have got an ancient floor completely installed with these, it worths a fortune right now :D

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  • manually created tiles is very valuable

  • MashAllah

  • How do his hands cope with the chemicals being infused into them?

  • Don't give him too many likes, because shaitain al sisi will request any money that is made from this video!

  • he said that it affect the vision and eyes bad how ?

  • Dirty hands means clean money, but this is so old and waste of energy... Makes me sad


  • Beautiful

  • fun!