Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

Publicerades den 4 jun 2021
Gordon visits Sushi Ko, where he tries a sushi pizza.

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  • Happy Full Ep Friday everyone! :)

  • It looks like every person in catering in USA has mental issues.

  • I love this episode. Make me emotions🥺❤️

  • Baked sushi left the chat hahahaha

  • selists.info/less/video/m8qdoMd-e7SGq5c.html

  • Why does anyone not talk about how hot hana is?

  • he must be an amazing photographer , hard working 22 year old kid.

  • Disgusting acting by the woman.. to give a fake support..

  • Sushi ko is closed

  • I can't finish this one. The genuine broken family is too much for me. Like it's one thing when people are just being pricks to one another, I can get above that. But, when they're all slowly withering away, all powerless, that's just heartbreaking.

  • Akira just needed some help doing the first step

  • that's love

  • "Where's the chef?" The kitchen's collective assholes fell out xD

  • Gordon: Let me be really blunt with you. Akira's Inner Voice: I think you have already gone there...

  • Toxic relationship, poor akira , i wish he is better now ... “Lisa Hatae” this is her username on instagram everyone , unfortunately Akira is disappeared

  • Gordon is a great therapist

  • Has anyone got any updates on them ?? I read that they sadly closed down but is there any updates on them ?

  • This family have such a great son and daughter..they love their parents. I wonder what this family doing now..hopefully his kids are already successful doing their own job, also hopefully Akira and Lisa live life happy together..

  • Akira is in da-nile

  • Please my sympathy toward the husband he doesn't deserve the wife U can tell he's so stressed and tired if everything

  • man this made me cry

  • When you’ve lost the Japanese way...

  • Is the samurai that bad?

  • "Wanna smoke homie?" "Sorry I can't" "Why?" 0:08 Lmao

  • Pause it and Click this》13:17 Trust Me His Smile is Kinda Scary 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Everyone is judging the wife and we have no idea what their relationship is. She seems furious at him. But if our kids were forced to financially support my husband's business venture, locking the entire family into an endless spiral of debt, I'd be livid too. She married a man who was energetic and fun to be around and his depression turned him into a shell of his former self. Sure the man deserves help but those who are trapped with him in this dire situation might no be in the best position to do so. Everyone is suffering. Some people shut down when they suffer and some people lash out. This couple is probably tied down together by debt, which sometimes stands in the way of divorce. Everyone is trapped. They very likely have fallen out of love and the best they can do is try to be friendly.

    • @T J Oh I guess I didn't realise you knew them personally. I mean you must. Because there is no way you got that from a montaged and heavily staged TV show.

    • She obviously caused the depression and problem to begin with. You are pretty slow if you haven't realised that

  • we can see clearly that Akira is trying his best to hold his emotion

  • 9:53 He can

  • seeing Akira so excited over the Traulsens was so heartwarming

  • *It's sad to lived in the US Many black/Asians people Been Mistreated Because of races I Hope Not Only in the US but the whole world need to accept every difference in each other. Even Akira's Wife Been Mistreating him and dragged their children in this matter but I hope even Both Akira's child and his restaurant be successfu and happy even after this episode.*

  • instagram.com/lisahatae/ I found the instagram of the wife; she has no traces of the husband anywhere, I wonder where he is right now.

  • Hes smiling, yaaaaay. nice

  • One of the few times it’s incredibly sad to find out that a kitchen nightmare restaurant has since closed. it was probably just too late to get help and in the wrong place, rather than any chef’s ego.

  • wife person: he is not working hard enough me( confused) : whats her Job exactly, peer reviews?

  • The problem is clearly the wife, no doubt!

  • like he know how sushi should taste. thats racist but all part of globaliwation

  • It made me so sad that his wife and daughter stood and sniggered when Gordon was calling him out, if there’s any time you should be supportive it’s when your husband/dad is trying to fix things

  • One thing I keeps thinking about while watching this is that their kids look gorgeous af. It seems that all mixed children I’ve known are gorgeous ✨

  • protecc akira and his children at all cost!

  • Get a American wife they said, it will be fine they said, you wont end up with a pissed off, rude cheerleader they said.

  • So beautiful

  • ikinda relate i let mom speak for me only becuaseshe forms words better

  • His family may be suffering but he has it worst😭

  • Whensushi pizza is trendy now 😭✋


  • Me still contemplating how he can tell things from fresh to frozen

  • Can anyone tell me who pays the money for new furnitures???

  • it's actually so surreal to me, just how love changes everybody, the husband, the wife, a whole family seemed broken but their love and a bit of light have glued them once again so fast. i still don't believe that these will last but it's a refreshment to see how these people change overnight like night and day; to see the happiness and motivation on their faces. that's just so nice:))))))

  • bro i need gordan as my therapist

  • Lisa : "its not holding, its getting old just like me" aaww lisa i swear most of the people don't look as good as you in your age 🥺🥺❤

  • Dont ask... The Woman her age The man His Salary Sad and Angry Asian Man what should He say

  • They should've worked at McDonalds' or KFC first so they could learn how to fry foods. :(

  • Why is no one talking about how the executive producers name is kent weed

  • what year is dis?

  • "these are your waitresses for tonight, Ashley and Ashleigh."

  • Akira: I cant belive she danced in front of chef ramsey Im so embarassed Me: me to bud, me to

  • Gordon ratsay is actually prettt goodbfamuly counsel

  • You know restaurant bad when owner does this 14:11

  • Is this sort of drama? why tf am crying?

  • Nick digiovani watching in amusement

  • I absolutely love Akira. You can tell he has been internalising so much guilt and failure. I hope his wife was supportive and loving after that. He deserves compassion.

  • It's happy that his wife accepted her wrong deeds and mistake. ALL THANKS TO RAMSAY!

  • The waitress, she's lovelyyy


  • this guy need a physiatrist and so does his family after what he put them through

  • Good of them to not mention that Hana was in Star Trek: Voyager.

  • Your wife will be the cause of your fall

  • That poor man is burnt out and depressed.. that woman is horrible to him.. so sad for him and those poor kids

  • The fact gordan had to tell her to love him is so sad he seems 100%

  • Ramsey, who is Ramsey? He's a chef, therapist all of it.

  • For a minute I thought Akira is Light Yagami (Kira)

  • "I still dont think he's working very hard." Why dont you fucking go help him then ? 😂 give him support when he feels energized instead of bringing him even further down into depressed land like you've been doing for 25 years.

  • we stan Akira ❤️

  • I can say he’s in touch anymore because i see theres no boost of steam at all theres no support. The wife even doubt his husbund.

  • Gordon is the man

  • with the neighbour and takes anything else she can get in court.

  • The way he can tell the salmon is frozen just from one taste floor's me every time.

  • Honestly Gordon should also be a marriage guidance counselor.

    • I call bullshit for that "new me" crap. It feels like an act

  • It's so sad to see someone blatantly suffering. I really feel bad for Akira. If course for the family to but he's on a different level of suffering

  • stories like this always make me sad. failing in business is so frustrating. good luck to them

  • The son looks like Adam Driver/ Kylo ren working in a sushi restaurant

  • Am I cutting onion??😭😭😭

  • When i grow up ramsay I'm gonna be a chef it would be my dream to be successful just like you

  • The one thing I’ve learnt if I’m ever to become a restauranteur is that to always have fresh food!!!

  • Dr Fill 2.0

  • This guys wife is most of the reason, it seems, of his disenchantment... And that cheating part? He must have been hurt very deeply by her.... Though she looks like she's ultra talented in playing messiah.. She must have nailed his ego to an invisible cross... After he found out... Maybe??

  • The wife is such a karen

  • Hana is very cute❤️

  • I don't fucking understand people making all those big depts... Then it's just better not to get anything from their parents when they die to not get the depts...

  • Meep

  • 14:35 lol

  • He is doing great. This woman is selfish.

  • I call bullshit for that "new me" crap. It feels like an act

  • and they call Gordon? used wood sticks........???? Frozen Fisch?????????? OMG

  • most emotional one

  • You can never properly clean wood

  • LOL, seems like Akira is really not is the right state. From all common knowledge, Japanese upholds a strict standard on health and cleanliness. To be able to even accept the reuse of wooden sticks is clearly not the right thing to do.

    • Then again having a coworker's attitude like what his wife displayed, one wonders how long would anybody's sanity lasts.

  • a very delicate and good japanense man right there

  • Stfu lisa

  • Godbless gordon for this