Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)

Publicerades den 6 jun 2021
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Today is the day, Theorists! The day that I, once and for all, prove that Ash's Pikachu is WEAK! That's right! There is no Level 100 here. Throughout the anime, Pikachu has proved to not be as strong of a contender as we were led to believe. Let's get into the evidence!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee and Thomas Torbergsen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Fun facts: 1 hour of playing Pokemon in real life is Equal to 1 years on pokemon anime

  • Maybe Snivey got a super *duper* critical hit.

  • You are are wrong about pikachu level

  • Actually, grass types are stronger against electric types

  • To much rare candys

  • Matpat thinks he owns Nintendo and believes his words are gospel

  • I think one thing is missed here: Snivy can't actually learn leaf tornado until level 16, meaning that Snivy here is at least level 16 during the fight. This might be able to change up the results a bit maybe?

  • Hate to say that MatPat spoilt the big reveal at 7:39.

  • This episode felt really short. I mean good to know but eh I feel like something was missing here

  • Pickchu is dumb

  • Haha red laughing in the background

  • Thanks for putting so much dedication into your videos! It's not every day you'll find a channel this good.

  • You just had to put "Nice" next to Pikachu's attack hahahaha

  • Theory: Pikachu may not be strong, but ash’s tactics makes him be. like in raichu vs pikachu ash tells pikachu to stand on his iron tail and on pokemon sun and moon he says use quick attack then iron tail to attack more stronger, so thats why we think pikachu is so powerful. Hes not, the tactics ash uses are fooling us thats why we think pikachu is so much powerful.

  • Thank you scott

  • Pokemon theory: The Ultra Space Wilds and Ultra Ruin are on the same planet: Well, both of them have reversed music with strange sounds, both are inhabited with Pokemon found in on PokeEarth. Since this Pokemon world is in the future, the people of this parallel PokeEarth might have found a piece of uninhabited land. Then, just incase people would want legendaries and didn't want to endanger the planet, they decided to clone legendaries to go in the Ultra Space Wilds along with normal pokemon. Now people can catch legendaries without the fuss of: "where is Palkia? Space is being destroyed" or "We need Necrozma to bring light to Ultra Megalopolis but a parallel 10 year old caught him!" and "Tapu Koko! The island is being terrorised by a guzzlord! Oh wait, he's with an 11 year old who came from a parallel universe". But how did they create the guzzlords and why is the Ultra Space Wilds not polluted yet. Well, I think that people experimented with Pokemon and eventually created the first guzzlord. He was to big so they let him loose. And then more guzzlords got created and they destroyed Alola. And the reason why they aren't terrorising other places is due to the fact that they are to big to swim.

  • Has MattPat done a theory on the movement of time in the Pokémon universe. Because ash has been 10yo for almost 30yrs😅

  • Team Rocked had no idea how Pikachu is weak.

  • How strong is hero brine?

  • What if team rocket knows about this and they aren't after pikachu at all,they follow ash so they can tell his dad how he's doing

  • Wait why isn't he doing the rest of unova, kalos, alola, and pokemon journeys?

  • Pikachu's level is actually revealed at 7:40 into the video. file:///Users/birb/Pictures/Photos%20Library.photoslibrary/originals/E/EAED7355-2DB1-41A7-AA7D-F80F670CA533.png

  • This guy has the most dumb mind and voice. Thank god he is fake

  • gO.

  • Now, next step, what level is Pikachu when Satoshi (Ash) finally get a job in the Galar arc after finally going to school in the Alola arc.

  • It’s been years since I watched Pokémon but the Pokémon advanced op is the best Pokémon intro ngl

  • I mean thats just snivy part 3 do the other seasons d:

  • Hey! GT Team @7:40 you just guys revealed the level before the big reveal :D

  • Game theory? I thought it was film?!

  • [Rebuttle] If Ash's pokemon fights so few battles, how would any of them evolve? The level scaling has to be different for the show.

  • OK but check your Netflix-

  • Ok so you did all the on-screen battles. What about all the battles that are just mentioned? Or any other xp gaining activities they take part in.

  • Niceu

  • You guys should do a theory on how quickly squirtle would turn into a rasin if he sprayed the amount of water they show him using with water gun lol.

  • Theory idea doom eternal how strong is the doom slayer

  • new channel idea for you fill out the last one bug theory

  • You forgot "Charge"

  • DaAan

  • The biggest, if not the only, piece of evidence people have for Ash's Pikachu resetting is the fight with Snivy. Personally, I don't think Pikachu got reset because all we got is this piece of evidence. Others in the comments also mentioned maybe Pikachu wasn't on full health during the fight and I have to heavily agree that it could be a possibility. I mean c'mon, Ash is a bit dumb. Also, I don't think the creators and directors of the show intended that, if they did there would be more things pointing to that claim. In reality, the fight was probably just a plot device to get the story moving along

  • Plz continue this until Pokémon journeys I really want to know what his final level is

  • 😂😂😂

  • Theory: pac man and Kirby are the same species, think about it, never gets full,can eat anything

  • What if there's a multiverse in Pokemon for Ash

  • m. k mm mm

  • At one point I thought that pikachu had his level reset anytime that he goes to a new region by plane because twice that it’s happened he got sick and lost the first gym battle.

  • Matpat you should do a Pokémon video finding out what is underneath mimikyu , team rockets Pokémon they later catch A little later of the anime. Try and find out what is under his mask

  • Sad I could see the final pikachu lvl at minute 7:40 XD

  • Can you tell about my little pony

  • Trade bouns exp is a thing 9:56

  • This doesn't even mention Zekrom attacking Pikachu

  • watch, but I'm stilll intrigued. Dont think I could watch all seasons though. You madman

  • Honestly just fantastic work

  • Pikachu : Beats god Also Pikachu Gets Beaten By A SNIVY B R U H

    • I always thought pikachu was so over rated my EMPOLEON is where its at

  • 7:40 Spoiles the total level

  • I sincerely doubt this makes a difference in the end, but I feel its worth pointing out that Snivy learns leaf tornado at level 16 in black and white, and it is not listed as an egg move. So that Snivy was probably level 16. Pikachu definitely still should have crushed it though.

  • May I just add that according to pokemon during the time of unova sniveling would have to be at least level 16 to know leaf tornado. Even still makes no sense for a level 16 snivy to beat a Pikachu that is in the 60s.

  • Jessie MatPat gonna make me act up 🥵 I love your videos!

  • Relived Oshawott noises

  • What about the other regions maybe by pokemon journeys he is level 100

  • while it whas a fun theori video, (as they often are), I feal its a bit sad that the fact that the suposed lvl 5 snivy somehow knows the lvl 16 move leaf tornado, wich even if ignoring the lvl's as a ting, should stil not be a move a fresh "lvl 5" snivy should know (but more a move they learn as they start mastering there power/abilities) is never brought up on this video. The fact that it knows this move strikes me as there being someting odd about that snivy's strenght (or someone joust lying about its actual strenght).

  • Can you please answer this question and one of your videos how durable is Mario.

  • Do the calculations for the kalos region to

  • I have a theory that can explain a little bit of this, one that I've had for a very very long time. Pokemon the show is a live action show in the pokemon universe. That's why the canon is a little off, why certain techniques happen that don't actually work, why team rockets constantly around and blasting off, and why they stopped eating pokemon. There are plenty of other small details that make it feel more like a show for kids in a world with actual pokemon, but I'll leave that for you to piece together.

  • I kinda wanna see what level pikachu is at kalos, alola and maybe even galar

  • Snivy used "anime logic attack"

  • Two words for everything, ANIME LOGIC

  • Got a question…how strong is the average human in pokemon? Cause we see team rocket get thrown into the air but land and only with minor injuries, plus there’s that scene of ash throwing a big log, not to mention him holding different Pokémon that are supposed to weigh a lot

  • "No person on earth is gonna take such a dumb question so seriously" - Have you heard of people who wonder "Is the Earth flat?" ?

  • I always thought pikachu was so over rated my EMPOLEON is where its at

  • mattpat: that´s just a theory, a ga... high boi: a gay theory

  • Hahahahahha

  • day 23 of asking matpat to do a terraria calamity theory

  • GAME THEORY can you make a video on roblox p

  • The level of pikachu actually changes back to 5 or 1 when ash goes to a new island

  • But what if it turns out Pikachu was traded to Oak?

  • The Snivy user used max stats cheat

  • Yeah, but... What level are they now?

  • Is Ash immortal? Every movie and every time he dies, he just comes back randomly, I’m just curious if it’s a theory worth discussing😁

  • Can we just appreciate how much time this much take

  • What if ash had xp share.

  • *weakachu*

  • Him defeating TR does count though. Others pokemon have legit evolved from the exp after helping ash defeat TR

  • i was 2 off i thought it was 63

  • So... Pikachu is a noob...

  • So funny that he shows the lvl at the 7:39 min mark

  • Team Theorist: The next Pokemon villain team. Makes you question your existence.

  • matt fits so perfect with Jessie i Don't know why....

  • To be fair he loses because Pikachu was sick and was unable to attack. And ash kept shouting out stupid moves so I blame Ash for the loss.

  • With this it kind of gives credence to the theory that Ash died during the spearow attack in the first couple episodes with his DMT making an entire life occur in a few moments.

  • In kanto region in game you will have to fight ash with level 80 pikachu.. if we will base it from game he should be around 100 by now

    • On route 29? If so thats red not ash.

  • 7:40 you can see the total lvl e

    • I saw that too

    • The last composer selectively knot because ping phylogentically answer until a wonderful yard. true, yellow random

  • I want to know in Pokemon I chose you what was the dream with no Pokemon was about?

  • This theory has so many holed it's not even enough to be a thesis

  • It's just my phone or the audio from the anime in this video is muted

  • 1\|1 ( 3 \|/ 017,1 See you next video matpat I made this language btw

  • But he only calculated up until Black and White???

  • 7:30 Love what he did there lol

  • I know I'm late but congrats on finishing your amazing Matpatt

  • I have a pokemon sun and moon anime question, how did ash get to the alternate world with guzzlord in it? He was battling tapu koko, then got teleported there. Also on a non pokemon related note: did you hear about doki doki literature club plus? I'm wondering if there will be any more lore hints about their other game.

  • Matpat fem boy 😳