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  • MmmM a r s o n

  • 5:30 Fresh: did u see tHAt?? Me: yes fresh thats what we came for 🙄

  • y

  • Honestly this is a good video awesome 👏🔥

  • Do you realize that he always whines in his videos when he dies

  • Arson

  • Is it me but the edit effects are different

  • 1:17 not the first chest

  • Only Legends know that this was firstly named "FIRE FIRE FIRE"

  • Did you you know the original name for this video was called, FIRE FIRE FIRE!

  • The title is change bc the comments

  • It was fire fire fire 🔥fire 🔥

  • When you realise title was edited mate

  • Fresh: "Fire is cooked!" No pun intended

  • The original title used to be FIRE FIRE FIRE

  • I love your videos

  • Flare guns are so fun.

  • 3:25 🤣😂

  • This comment will get pinned

  • thats some FIRE tranisions

  • My parents say I get a gaming PC at 1k pls help me 🥺🥺🥺🥺😩

  • Fresh is a god with bows if no one can tile

  • yo i make vids and u gaeva me the best idea so thanks fresh

  • I said ooooo free fire or fire fire

  • hi fresh i submited a vid idea i think you will like hope you will ;)

  • Pyro only challenge

  • Do you want to play

  • Fresh watermelons

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • "O my god I am hitting my bows dude Fresh 2021"

  • Fresh I sent you a Frend repwest on epex today can you please ecsept it please

  • Fresh: misses 1 daily upload Everyone: we miss you😭

  • Who here is an og fresh watcher

  • Big YEETS man !!! Good video !

  • I love it how he says in every video what’s up guys YES

  • Hey fresh. Do you know when your skin will next come into the item shop?

  • Fresh:The fire is damn cooked Me: WELL NO DUH ITS DAMN FIRE

  • kidding

  • Fire

  • i like your content but twitch is gay

  • They really gona make fire, water, earth and wind? What a cringe company

  • Fresh trash

  • I realized every video you make you always start it by saying what sup guy yes

  • Do a challenge where you have to get one kill every minute for the whole game!

  • Some people like to watch the world burn like Fresh

  • When I saw the title I was thinking of Ghost rider


  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “Fire” and use the “Fire” edit this much in one video. 😂😂🤣🤣

  • this vid is FIRE 🔥 lol


  • Firewee

  • 2:37 five damn Elims WOW 👏 YOUR SO GOOD

  • This video is fire just like the title.

  • You should get a skin in Fortnite

  • CODE LAZAR!!!!!!

  • Are we gonna talk about how he blatantly stole Lachlan's transition

  • My name is googoogunmanstyl

  • Fresh is it ok if I can be your friend on fortnite in a huge fan

  • I am the first person in history t double flare

  • We need a OG week, where they bring back every vaulted item And I mean *every* vaulted item

  • You do realise his next vid will be his 800 vid in just 2 years that just shows us how much he puts in for us and his content

  • "What's up guys yes" I'm French and I love yours videos 💚

  • Hey fresh like your own yt but I like too tell u my name in fornite is ailyn is cool and 1v1 me And I do not have a mic so am sorry but if I leave I was mad but look in the chat

  • Dude at the start he clearly did not get the fire bow from the chest its leat staged

  • My dad is a fireman

  • 3:25 nice voicecrack

  • Fresh sounds different or am I dumb?😅😅

  • wht is this week

  • Bugha

  • The Hugh’s of season 6

  • Arsonist

  • bUrn

  • The rewind challenge every 3 min reset your whole inventory and can only use grey then after the 3 mins green then another 3 mins blue until gold then rainbow loadout

  • Whos ready for explosive week

    • Is it going to be explosive week

  • Fresh I’m Diana and I really like your videos and can you send me invite but I don’t have a mike please send me the invite and video big fan of you

  • First can you send me invite a very big fan and add me on

  • I understand that they say you have aimbo but if u did we could see the people so i still dont belive u use aimbot

  • Fresh: fire is cooked: we have realized that fresh is big brain.

  • its my week already?

  • Noooo he lost his upload streakkk where u atttt I need ur vidsss

  • Fresh I also made a clan in Fortnite called fire clan which is kind of ironic

  • Why did he cut the chest out 🤔

  • Can you gift me the battle pass I don't have skin in am default 😔😔

    • I am your subscriper 😊😊

  • a r s o n

  • The amount of voice cracks in 1 vid is crazy XD!!!!

  • No cap freshs combo in this video is amazing

  • what is the next weeks element or whatever gonna be

  • cant he use dragon breath shotgun

  • why are you not uploading on twitch

  • Fresh: Fire is cooked! Me: No, fire is used TO cook

  • I can't even get a victory royale with normal weapons😁

  • His name is a girl name Harley

  • He should use gas can only

  • Fresh is fire at the game if you no what I meen

  • :D

  • Bultaoreune army;)

  • thubnail me: yeah i think fresh whent crazy


  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥