Cristiano Ronaldo HATES Coca-Cola

Publicerades den 14 jun 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo quickly removes Euro 2020 sponsor Coca-Cola bottles from in front of him during his pre-Hungary v Portugal press conference saying "Drink water!" instead.

@UEFA 2021

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  • Watch Cristiano's full press conference here =


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  • Little did he know Coca Cola would lose billions

  • Exchange coca cola with petrol

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  • Imagine if his son becomes the brand ambassador of coca cola... XD

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  • I think he had definitely hear the song coca cola Tu by toni kakkar so he choose water instead 😂😂

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  • Correct what he did, stupid coca-cola, 99 percent only sugar.


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  • This guy turns wine to water.


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  • Because coca cola has many amount of caffeine which is harmful for body

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  • So do I, I hate coca cola, sprite is better

  • el unico comentario en español que encontraras xd

  • Its because others get paid $10M a year to sit with a Coca-Cola bottle in front of them. If he is not getting paid, why would he do it for free?

  • El bicho es muy humilde

  • No coca cola drink beer 🍻

  • İmagine when He puts away Coca Cola He says i wanted pepsi

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  • Me: about to drink coca-cola Ronaldo: nah fam

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