Catch the BIGGEST Fish, Win $10,000 Challenge

Publicerades den 14 maj 2021
I took some friends out to the middle of the ocean to catch some HUGE fish, and the biggest one wins $10,000.. IT WAS INSANE!!
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Tanner: @Tanner Fox
Rami: ramikillzz
Maverick: monstermav

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  • If you like to fish, this vid is for YOU


  • 1mil LIKES!!!!

  • ive been going fishing with my grandparents i have a huge!! boat in my garage

  • Honestly he’s not gonna catch a great white with a rod like that but you never know it could snap or not

  • I’m actually a professional fisherman, I’ve been doing it ever since I was like, I want to say, 5-6 year’s old, and my papa taught me, so let me in the challenge baby, I will crush you guys

  • i love fishing

  • That is a bass

  • i have bean fishing frome age 4 it's so fun

  • I want to be part of your clan

  • I love to fish

  • tanner fox will win

  • Sorry rug but I think tanner will win

  • The noiseless hobbies controversly guard because kitchen daily melt around a feeble feigned step-aunt. panoramic, optimal route

  • Done........faze rug the Fisher

  • .

  • Im 20

  • I've been fishing for ten years

  • I think tanner lol

  • I love fishing

  • They went to my home town

  • you need to cop one

  • Whenever I see this video all I say is city boys go fishing

  • More fishing videos !!!!!!

  • rug if your a lake fishermen you need to use live wormes and swimbaits

  • Wow didnt know there was a rainbow fish is it’s name clickbait fish

  • I have fished out a snapping turtle

  • Think you for the vid more Fishing videos

  • I wish I could fish and make 10k lmao

  • Come to Florida!! Huge fish here

  • I love fishing

  • Cool

  • I go fishing with my dad and my brother but we moved to cedar key so we just got our boat ready to go it has been a year or less because of this pandemic but I'm so excited

  • you should to fish for striped they can be up to 5 feet

  • I think rug is gonna win

  • Highly recommend the Ohio river I caught a 130 pound cat fish

  • I kot a a alugder

  • Love to fish man

  • For someone who has been fishing for king salmon in AK these dudes saying "its a monster!!" Makes me laugh

  • Dis boy just said it was "Fishing Season" lol

  • nooo the fishy army went down

  • I’m a big fisherman!!

  • Hi

  • Nice😎

  • You should go tarpon fishing in the middle of the night it’s fun

  • You don’t fish

    • yhh remove your reply bud

    • yeah he doesnt fish what does that have to do with anything? i bet you aint ever got off your fat arse to go fishing have u

  • avet reels ftw!

  • I crazy

  • you should become a fishing youtuber

  • Hi

  • Try catching a goliath grouper

  • Good vid my g keep up the work 20 million soon come much love from uk

  • Didn’t put the fish back into the ocean ?

  • I h8 grilled onions

  • Your videos are so entertaining

  • Why is rug the type of person who would be born and raised on a boat

  • I have a pond in my backyard and I fish in it almost every day

  • I think, Tanner is gonna win

  • I’ve fish and relld in a 6 foot shark

  • i love faze rug

  • I like to fish haha

  • Dude I'm 8 years old and I fish really good come to the keys and fish

  • I go fishing like 21 miles away from. Sure

  • Now you need to get into hunting

  • Like it up.

  • I been fishing sens I was 4 years old

  • I’ve caught a 6pound bass


  • Tfox HOUSE!!!!

  • GO to icland fhising its god

  • You guys should call Uber on a boat

  • Faze rug is going to win a giant one and you are a good Fisher

  • i go fishing a lot its very fun its like my own little world were i can get out of reality

  • Hi how are ya

  • I went fishing before and I got a piranha and I love fishing but I cant no more.

  • This was filmed on my b day

  • Nah fam I’m the best I caught a blue marlin

  • I had wade fish when I was 3’2

  • I’ve been fishing since I was 3

  • That was the green hat

  • The thumb nail annoys me so much.there’s no such thing as a rainbow bass and bass don’t live in the ocean.y’all’s rods in the thumb nail are to thin to catch a shark and the hook isn’t even in the sharks mouth

    • ahahah sorry that you are a fishing fanatic but who tf cares its a thumbnail

  • I love this video and I liked and subscribed

  • copy mrbeast

  • bro, on god, I said that the fish would be 9 in. haha

  • Bro the thumbnail is him in the ocean catching a bass that’s rainbow colored 😭🤣

  • The term is double header

  • I got a 80 pound sailfish and I’m 9

  • I like this type of rug these videos like this are bangerssas

  • Funny how none of them have the correct fishing rod for those waters

  • sorry i don't like fish but ty :)

  • Bro halfo those small ones were not keepers

  • I love how rug thinks he so cool bc he just started fishing

    • Bruh let him be he is having fun so does it really matter?

  • Rami got that bait caster

  • I love 🎣

  • i wonder how many subs i can get from this comment

  • Catch a big fish then use that for bait

  • Florida is the best. I say you go to Destin though.

  • I live on the water so I had to click this video

  • arriba mexico 🇲🇽

  • Taner will win