ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Barrios | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

Publicerades den 11 jun 2021
Episode 1 of the Emmy® winning series chronicles the buildup to one of the summer’s biggest bouts as superstar Gervonta Davis looks to become a three-division champ against unbeaten Mario Barrios.

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  • Tank a metal fan? Was kinda surprised to see him with moterhead and metalica shirts, that's dope lol

  • Eyes don't lie... That young brother gervonte, is a very good person..he got great intention

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  • Canelo beat your record Mayweather that’s why y’all hate on him

  • What's scary is that I can relate to him because I was homeless at age of 3 left on the streets to die never really loved myself and then on top of that my precious dog that I love so so so much is named tank

  • 바리오스 잘생겼다 ㅎㄷㄷ 영화배우같네

  • Intro song ????

  • Everyone wants to be around when you at the top

  • i love you デービス 私は日本人です。しかし日本が嫌いです。普通の日本人と同じではないです。私はあなたと同じ感覚の持ち主です。メンタルは繊細です。しかし、大きなハングリー精神と不屈の精神力と人を殺したい欲しかありません。しかしこれは法律の厳しい、日本やアメリカではできません。私がこの様になったのは一度犯罪を犯した事で警察に復讐心を持ったからです。それからは復讐心を忘れる事なく今も生きていて捕まる事もなく復讐することしか頭にない狂った男です。私はボクシングの分野では動きませんが、あなたと同じ匂いがしてあなたのボクシング人生を見届けるファンとして世界のどこかから応援しています。今は日本にいますが私は状況をみて日本を出ます。あなたは人生で一番苦しかった頃の事を決して忘れずにハングリー精神と復讐心だけ大切にしてください。私はこれから他の国でチームを結成します。お互い頑張ろう!i love you bro

  • Correction Davis. When you’re a black athlete, it’s never enough. They don’t put that pressure on other race of athletes

  • I need the name of the song at the closing of the episode

  • I thought Josh Taylor held all the belts and was UNDISPUTED King of 140lb

    • Tank will get Hanked

    • Jokes we all know TTT is UNDISPUTED KING

  • I know I’m a girl 👧🏽 but I I love boxing documentaries! Boxers are the Greatest Warriors Alive! ❤️💯and No one captures the essence of these Champions like Showtime ALL ACCESS! Award 🥇 Stay Winning! GERVONTA DAVIS!! 💯🥊

  • Coach Calvin's B'more accent is thick... Shoe, Too, Do, Few, Crew.... Anything with an "oo" he killin it 😂😂 #Salute

  • #you ain’t crazy I Always told You ,you was Brilliant! 😜

  • Now go and fight Josh Taylor.

  • That's all you need, a good person that looks out for you!!

  • Beat the best what are 130 and 135? Best bums ? Tank fought nobodies . New broner, fake champ

    • @walid bigboss stating facts 'bro'

  • The crazy part is that he was winning the fight until tank started landing

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  • Aaaw, that was so sweet at 1:00. "You ain't crazy. I always told you you were brilliant. Always told you that".

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  • Had to come back after Barrios lost 😂

    • Me too I'm looking at all the previous comments

  • I’ll calling him a best if he fights Loma and win

  • What do that mean, I feel you Tank

  • 2 warriors!!! Congrats to both men!!!


  • 11:10 what a cheap shot and that's exactly what got your ass beat, he didn't throw any dirtbon you outside of saying he knows you can't beat him but you got personal and he whopped you in front your father and girl.

    • He earned mayweathers respect and Davis mate Even tho he lost he gained a lot of fans And kept getting up and fighting to the end so really , he’s gonna come out of this lose man just u wait

  • Right I agree

  • It’s good to see 2 humble Hebrew kings fight.

    • Neither one claim to be Hebrew. LOL

  • Running from triple g!

  • This is Epic 🙌

  • Doc is adjusting Barrios ribs right now and retuning his jaw line

  • EPILOGUE!!!!

  • He still punched his insides to jelly.. True champ

  • tank your right you get pass one guy its always the next guy

  • Song at 1:05

    • I also want to know 😩

  • A neck harness for neck exercises is only $13-$20


  • Tank beast

  • Lmao tmt and calvin Ford is full of it 🤡 ahhaha smh, this what people praise!? Tank hasnt Beat the best at 130, 135 lmao smh and now 140 boxing going down the drain while Mayweather still promoting.

  • Gervonta might just be one of the most intelligent boxers of all time. He has an high boxing IQ… Time will tell

    • @Libero Matekovic he depends on his power he has no second gear but his power he was losing to Leo and Mario till he relies on power

    • @P4P HIGHLIGHTS one dimensional?keep going watch tennis

    • @P4P HIGHLIGHTS WTF are you talking about?? Obviously you just watch boxing and do NOT study the sport. Also, ahhh forget it.

    • IQ , don’t think so he relays on his power to take him out of deep waters he was losing the fight he’s one dimensional

  • I like tank but he needs to fight a rated boxer, Barrios had trouble with a 7 win boxer still in his diapers.

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  • 💪🏿 Davis is about to be a legend!

  • 09:10 "What do that mean" ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Song at intro?

  • I said it,spiritual fights! Davis letssss goooooooo🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👁️🦾🦾🦾🎼🎼🎼

  • Great fight. New era of boxing where no one person thinks they’re greater than the sport as a whole and ducks opponents to preserve a record. Shit got so bad it allowed mma to overtake boxing. These new mfs built different. Love to see it.

  • And barrios went to bed 🛌 k.o

  • I feel like tanks father is dj manny fresh lol

  • come on Tank you gotta pay to get yo brother grill fixed my guy! That boy look like he been chomping on tree bark!

  • He took barrios through the weeds...look like barrios discovered what it's like to be in the ring with a warrior

  • “Neww shews tew” I died 💀😂

  • Barrios be looking like the character from Blood in Blood out.

  • Y'all better recognize , TANK is a killer !

  • He's fighting the 7th best light welterweight not Josh Taylor or Regis Prograis.

  • Tank what you said is the truth. Once you fight somebody and you win they going to always put another person in front of you that’s why you can never put too much time in between your training and yourself. Because you always have to make sure you train good enough to always get that W regardless as to who they put in front of you.

  • Vatos locos forever

  • who's back after the tko??

  • I see you Eric Bell jr.

  • Don't never say never



  • I was in jail with him 3 years ago in Atlanta 🤣 we both were in there for suspended license I asked him what kinda car he was in I doubt that’s the same one in the thumbnail but if it is that mf tough 😤

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  • Mario u had a fight coming up n u at a barbeque??? Singing happy birthday??? 😣

  • Mr Ford training Davis is going to be his undoing, Peter Manfredo will tell you that. It’s a matter of conditioning and boxing IQ. Davis will be found wanting in every department, Elton John will tell you that too

  • In the end Tank just too Lethal

  • that stupid line on his face its weird somebody tell this guy to shave that shit

  • i love watching these after the fight....FBA warriors are built different.

  • Stop putting that man up against the sun.

  • Barrios training looked colder than D.C. in December

  • Tank is the realist dude in boxing.

  • Hahahahahahah Y'all Mexican god got beat down badly 😂😂😭

  • I gotta say, shout out to these trainers! How they even get some of these kids even half way through a successful career must take some discipline, guile and intelligence. The vast amounts of money made early on and the allure of things other than hard training and boxing must be huge! Fair play to them. 🥊 Not sure I’d have made it to today if I’d made so much so soon (or ever) as these kids do. Stay focused. 😎


  • Got his azz beat! Is TANK ready for Barrio, "f"that. Always trying to diminish the black man. Thanks TANK

  • This was easier than that Leo Santa Cruz fight..,

    • @Josh Josh I disagree go back and look at that fight. Santa Cruz was putting more hands on him and it was effecting him. If his defensive game was on point he could’ve gotten that fight..

    • Barrios was better than Cruz and it was showing

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  • Full Fight Is On My Twitch Username Is - Zayfuccedyahmomz

  • 🙏🏽 🤲🏽

  • The well-off glass bareilly complete because quality simulteneously wink an a opposite unit. temporary, observant pump

  • May weather is riding Davis so hard cuz he’s wat mayweather never could be a slugger a ko waiting to happen I love Floyd but he’s not Davis and also cuz I know Davis is a threat to money’s legacy period

  • “ITS NEVER ENOUGH” -TANK .. Damn man that is the truest thing he’s ever said ! He’s not lying .. Literally every single time Tank wins .. I constantly see him being discredited for one reason or another ! Crazy how you can go 26-0 and the fans still think it’s a Hoax .. “yea he won but he’s not good enough to beat .. (insert boxer)” then he beats them and they rinse and recycle the same sh** about another boxer .. smh Sad

    • This is for everybody. People are insatiable.

  • Gervonta "TANK" Davis wins 🔥

  • I would like to see tank move up to fight crawford or spence

  • If Barrios gets a younger trainer with the same wisdom as his current he will be way more deadly. He's not at his full potential

  • Here after the KO?

  • Come on jake , if you a man fight one of these guys huh . Wouldn’t last 1 round

  • Hope they dont steal the fight to B

  • Size never matters I seen someone 5’9 beat up a 6 footer

  • Now this what you call real boxing

  • He tryna be like money may. He gonna fuck around and lose

  • I see a knockout in the 6th or 8th round from tank and on top of that Marios trainer trained khan ! Khan has a record of getting knocked out

  • His coaches and Mayweather promotions has been terribly mismatching Davis. They claim he’s the best but he’s not even the best in his lightweight division. The fight with Cruz shouldn’t have happened. Cruz is old and out of his prime. Then he fought a faded Gamboa. By this time in his boxing career Davis should have already fought Haney, Garcia, Oscar Valdez, Jamel Herring etc. And now another mistake by his staff to move to 140 and fight Barrios. When Barrios isn’t even the WBA champion, it’s Josh Taylor. This guy is ducking they best that he SHOULD be fighting .

    • Mayweather is an expert cherry picker, he's gonna hide tank from anything dangerous. He's got him fighting mexican tomato cans smh. Just like floyd used to do.

  • He should fight Brandon Figuerro

  • We want to see the best fight the best .. Which tank failed to do .