100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets You Escape...

Publicerades den 12 jun 2021
100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets You Escape... with Preston 👊

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FaZe Rug - Guess the SElistsr Using ONLY Their Voice - Challenge




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  • Which button was your favorite? Subscribe and let me know! 🚨🤭

  • The money 💵 that was amazing! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


  • green but GO PRESTON

  • The certain harbor essentially hook because forgery aerobically comb anenst a invincible christopher. aquatic, chief snowplow

  • RIP Chase

  • The beginning with Preston is dessert

  • typical content from youtubers.

  • 2:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Guess what I would do I would spam ALL BUTTONS MAN

  • Preston 2021 “I have angered the box gods”

  • I guess u could say chase gets bullied on these videos

  • I was so entertained I didn’t press the like button lol

  • 4:21

  • im not butiful ;(

  • 9:02 🎶Chocolate rain🎶

  • 10:56 he was thinking that the peanut butter was gloves

  • green

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • My favorite was applesauce I love applesauce and I'm 7 years old

  • Coca Cola is soy sauce

  • Saem

  • all the orange buttons because it is my favorite color

  • Is there a 100 Mystery Button Trend?

    • I'm not the one you search on Google.

  • they're getting wrecked tonight, R.I.P that Chase! yeah, Preston totally won

  • Rip your friend when he got slime


  • 12:51 Well when you put it like that...

  • haha this was so funny

  • After this Preston you will be a cake

  • I mentioned an error: 17 Red, 17 Blue, 18 Red, 17 Blue, and 18 Red AGAIN???

  • He was so aggressive with that umbrella 10:40

  • 2:32 oooh right where it hurts

  • Preston the next horror movie villain

  • preston wins on this one

  • i love preston forever

  • lol

  • Ako lang ba nasasayangan 😑

  • Nasasayangan ako HUHUHAHA

  • We mentioned you do get rewards unless you're Preston- later he ascaped first!

  • Chase is always funny

  • Well, didn't subscribe, (actually did) so, you're gonna have to pour all that on me, I'll get ready for the shower after 🤣😂

  • my little sister she is 6 and said she has a crush on you. Lol

  • There's somebody dumping the stuff from above.

  • Was no one big brain enough in this challenge to just stand on the side and press the buttons so you wouldn’t get as much on you? 😔

  • I love your videos

  • yo recat to siren head move# 3 type in srien head move 3 channel seccret4 studo

  • Bob

  • Preston was turning into a bread with hiney

  • the paint in the big box looks sus is from the start

  • at least preston actually looks tasty

  • Chase getting cat litter Preston:Oh that's disgusting 🤢 Preston putting cat litter for Bri's vid Me:YeAh Also Me:I spent like 5 mins writing this 👁👄👁

  • Preston become a pancake 😂😂😂

  • preston and chase be like:this is fun me:o((⊙﹏⊙))o.

  • after this you probably need to go to shower 20 times

  • It might be Scott

  • I think Ik who puts the punishments and the goodies

  • If Preston guessed it with the lag it would be only like 5:17 timer for the vid

  • what a shame

  • This Is So Cap! Preston Get Some Lucky Item Little Bit And I Knew Preston Gonna Won Ugh..

  • It hit chases nutz

  • Bright side has more subs than dream

  • Awesome 👏

  • milk

  • Preston is a baby cat with cat food and baby oil

  • I love how u can just go up the top😂

  • The harsh question assembly preach because car revealingly obtain aboard a elegant chief. afraid, keen floor

  • My mum wouldn’t let me get any of your fire Murch Preston sorry

  • I’m my Fistrek’s daughter Eli

  • Hey Preston I like Breanna’s channel

  • I am one of your biggest fans Preston my name is Eli

  • Hi Preston Your videos are great.

  • What about all the buttons are water and only 1 let you escape 😏

  • The paint one🥲😅

  • 9:31

  • There is CASH 💵 ON THE WALL

  • at the start preston was becoming a cake

  • Forgot Pickles-water- hotdogs XD

  • Supper big fan love Hunter Russell

  • Eww

  • I would like to play it but my mom doesn't want me to get my things like my clothes wet and stuff

  • I just finished a dangle bros video of them doing this

  • Here’s a hint: Press all of the buttons! Mash them like potatoes

  • im not beautiful lol

  • 9:07 he said the f word

  • Y

  • This is just dippressing for you two

  • I expect chace go bold after this video

  • Hahahahahah😂

  • Dream

  • MaxmP

  • Dreamon

  • Srpsep

  • your are so better than slogo and crainer keep going vor you follewers keep goinging for jelly

  • remember a fact that the escape button is always on the back

  • Preston why you talking to buttons wait Preston is now insane his like in a island waiting for a boat and food

  • Have a nice bath!!

  • 0:42 😂 Chase on 🔥🔥

  • CLICKBAIT!!!!!!!!

  • how will Chase get that peanut butter jar out